The Washington Media Institute is the premier experiential educational and internship program for students who are looking for a career in media.

The program is founded on the principle of “expert in one, professional in all.” We believe that experience needs to be earned, not learned (in internships, not classes). But experience without perspective (internship without the right classes) leaves little lasting benefit beyond a resume line. Whether it is traditional journalism, public relations, marketing or any other realm of media, WMI is built around an individualized approach to give you the skills, knowledge, and contacts to move from hoping for a career to building one.




We take a personalized approach to internship placements. Students work directly with WMI Founder and Director, Amos Gelb, to find not just a good internship, but the right internship. Students leave their internships with resume-building skills and a solid foundation to pursue their media career goals.



In the media field it’s not always about what you know, but who you know. From meeting with the Press Secretary of the FCC, having a roundtable discussion with the Deputy Press Secretary for the First Lady, to speaking with Guy Raz from NPR’s Ted Talks -  WMI students get a chance to network with, and learn from, the best of DC.



Nation's Capital

WMI is not just based in DC - we use DC. It’s our classroom; it hosts our field trips and in many ways, it is the most exciting place for journalism and media in the world. From start up incubators to new media companies, it is a great place to make connections and explore the world of media.